Narragansett Terrace
Yacht Club

Annual Meeting and Dinner | 6pm | Wharf Tavern

Commodore Message

NTYC Commodore
Pat O'Shea

Commodore's Message: Welcome to the Narragansett Terrace Yacht Club. NTYC is located in Bullock Cove on the upper reaches of the Narragansett Bay. The club offers a friendly environment for sailors and boaters of all ages and levels of experience. The only requirement is a shared love of spending time on the water and "messing about in boats."

The strength of NTYC is its members. NTYC's members built the club... its docks... and even designed and built our club dinghies. NTYC is the only venue for White Horse dinghy sailing, and is host to the exclusive White Horse World Championships. Though their production run has come to an end, these well-loved "classics" are still actively used in and around Bullock Cove.

NTYC relies on its members to staff events and work parties. It is the work of its dedicated members that keeps the club going, and creates the friendships that make NTYC such a special place. Members are always ready to lend a hand to lift a dinghy, or offer tips on how to get a little more boat speed.

We are active sailors and boaters of all types. Thursday nights you will find us racing either in a Rhodes 19 one design fleet, or PHRF racing in our "cruising class". NTYC is the home of Rhodes 19, Fleet 35. (Like that distant cousin who takes up residence on your couch, we just can't seem to get rid of the Fleet 35 sailors... and after a while they sort of grow on you.)

NTYC hosts Saturday around-the-marks racing and around-the-island regattas. Among the races is the Alicia Taber Regatta - raced in honor of NTYC's first female Commodore and the first female Commodore in Rhode Island. The rules of the Alicia Taber Regatta require that women skipper all race boats. (It reminds us that the women are every bit as competitive as the men; just more tactful.) Many years our racing continues well into the fall and through the winter as part of our frostbiting series.

We have an active social calendar with functions throughout the year including theme nights, cook-outs, and pot luck dinners. Each Thursday night during racing season the club hosts a post-race barbecue - all are invited. NTYC also runs a junior sailing program each summer.

NTYC is looking forward to another fun and rewarding year. We welcome those who share a love of being on the water and the friendships that it fosters.

What's New

September 9

We have instituted in improved method for tracking work hours, which we hope will help in identifying members who still need to put in their work hours, as well as giving members a way to ensure that they are properly credited for hours completed.

In the members-only section of the website, we have added a table recording work hours that is updated as the season progresses, and we have also provided a form (both pdf and excel format) you can download to track the work hours you have accomplished. That way you have a personal record you can check against the table to ensure that you are properly credited for work you have done. If problems, you should check with the committee chair responsible for the work you did, and they will report it to the treasurer, who will update the table.

You can access these materials by clicking on the "members-only" link at the bottom left corner of the website home page. You will need to enter the username and password from the back of your membership card to enter this part of the website. We recommend you check the table to ensure that you have credit for your work. We hope this will make the process more transparent, and also avoid a last-minute rush to complete work hours and avoid the assessment. Work hours must be completed by mid November so the annual dues notices can be sent out in a timely fashion.